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  • AER-Series of Autronic, the DC/DC converter Economy Line

    DC/DC converter AER-Serie, compact power supply for the railway applications The Autronic AER series are a generations of high performance, convection cooled DC/DC converters from 3 W to 75 W. The AERs have been designed specifically for use in railway applications and in harsh environments. Due to their compact design the small power supplies can perfectly be used in display solutions, customer information systems, radio modules or for switches and repeaters. Additionally, due to their UL/cUL6…
  • AFC

    AFC system is the most frequently used professional systems for subway passengers. The equipment and systems manufacturing, integration, commissioning and maintenance of quality are related to the security of daily operation of subway. AFC business is one of our core businesses. Since its inception, our company has completed self-independent design research and development, owned independent intellectual property rights with the products fully tested by the market covering the complete AFC busin…
  • After Sales & Service

    For the whole product life cycle HÜBNER produces high-performance systems that are exceedingly reliable. But the benefits customers receive do not end simply with the delivery of a superior product. HÜBNER supports its customers throughout the entire product life cycle with its comprehensive know-how and experience. HÜBNER's range of services: Full service: Spare parts and maintenance contracts Initial installation: Installation training and warranty extension Utilization pha…

    ENERGY SAVING SWITCH HEATING SYSTEM The Aguterm Plus switch heating system designed,manufactured and installed by Revenga makes use of electrical resistors as an energy supply system to prevent the formation of ice and snow on track switches, thus ensuring that switching occurs correctly. Unlike the conventional Aguterm system, which uses a fixed value associated with the ambient temperature as a reference value, the Aguterm Plus uses the track temperature to determine when to turn the heating r…
  • AI Vehicle Computer RM A2 (NVIDIA Jetson TX2)

    Product of Syslogic GmbH
    As a member of the NVIDIA Jetson partner program embedded speicalist Syslogic is one of the leading manufacturers of AI-capable industrial computers based on NVIDIA’s Jetson platform. With the RM A2 vehicle computer Syslogic completes its portfolio for AI (artificial intelligence) applications. AI meets mobile computing The recently launched vehicle computer is specially developed for mobile use. It is used for AI applications in railway or special vehicles, AGVs (automated guided vehicles) and…
  • Air bearing transporters

    Product of AB Solving Oy
    SOLVING Air Bearing Transporters are used by railway manufacturers for flexible and easy movement of railway cars, bogies and doors in assembly lines or during repair and maintenance. If required integrated lifting devices ensure a correct lifting height for the fitters. Air film technology provides all the necessary freedom and total flexibility for moving completed railway cars weighing from a few tonnes up to almost a hundred tonnes. Improved safety is achieved by optical or inductive guidanc…
  • Air conditioning for driver's compartments - HVAC 3705 R744 (CO2)

    Product of KONVEKTA AG
    Application Air conditioning of driver´s compartments for track vehicles Advantages Refrigerant R744 (CO2) Stepless evaporator blowers Electric heating Gas pressure damper at housing covers Sturdy and persistent aluminium chassis Heat exchanger with copper pipe and aluminum fins Technical Data​ Dimensions without fastener: Length [mm] 1.000 / Width [mm] 897,5 / Height [mm] 330 Cooling capacity [kW] 5,1 (ta=ti=45°C) Heating capacity [kW] 4,5 ​Weight [kg] 152
  • Air conditioning system for tramway (Variable Frequency)

    Model: KGR37 Application: Tramway Features: In variable frequency and with heat pump Technical Parameter Cooling Capacity:37 kW Max. Air Volume:5000 m^3/h Fresh Air Volume:1600 m^3/h Dimension: 3400 mm*1700 mm*575 mm Weight:860kg Refrigerant:R407C  
  • Air conditioning system(350km/h)

    Model: KLD-45/30-BZ-E Type: Roof Integrated HVAC Application: 350km/h (High Speed Train) Basic Technical Parameter: Cooling capacity: 44KW Maximum air volume: 4800 m3/h Fresh air volume (outside of the car): 1700 m3/h Dimension: Length: 2800mm, Width: 1800mm, Height: 540mm Weight: 850kg Refrigerant: R407C
  • Air Conditoner Housing

    Air Conditoner Housing is use for holding up air conditioner compressor and other components,it is welded from 0.8 ~ 0.8 mm stainless steel sheet , its structure rigidity and vibration resistance, impact resistance meet the requirement of the strength of the rail vehicle air conditioning unit shell,also greatly reduce the air conditioning unit weight, saving material cost.SC‘s air conditoner housing have been used in almost all cities that has trains/metros in China.

    WARO®foam-Luftkanäle sind die leichte und wirtschaftliche Alternative zu traditionellen Kanälen aus metallischen Werkstoffen, wenn diese den neuesten technischen Anforderungen nicht mehr entsprechen oder aus anderen Gründen nicht eingesetzt werden sollen. In den Ausführungen Classic (schwer entflammbar) oder NC (nicht brennbar) steht damit ein vielseitiges Bauteil mit einem günstigen Preis-Leistungsverhältnis zur Verfügung. konstruktive Varianten: segmentiert bzw. als zwei- oder dreidim…
  • Air filters

    Development, design and manufactured the air filters as mechanical centrifugal sediments seperator in the fields of ventilation, heating and air conditioning. manufacture of special profiles of our own design on the basis of a patent adaptation to the requirements of each specific object air is filtered by means of stripping off polluting substances Material: aluminium alloy Upper limit / of total weight: no limit max. dimensions: LxH ca.2000x1300 mm, 66 mm oder 132 mm wide, d…