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  • Canteen kitchen technology

    As a matter of course, we offer you our single-source service in canteen kitchen technology as well. We care about vendor-independent conception, delivery and assembly of your canteen kitchen. Based on our decades of experience we can offer you support and advice in all areas, from choosing the right equipment and devices through to defining all necessary process steps depending on your requirements and space. Thereby it is standard business practice for us to comply with all regulations as rega…
  • Catering on-board products, Galleys Systems and Bay Tables

    Product of SATYS
    Our Catering on-board products Neutral and refrigerated furniture, in particular for the storage of Atlas trolleys and cabins, and Technifill trolleys. Counters and sinks Display cabinets Rolling shutters Systems Managament: Industrial Refrigeration Supply, Treatment and Disposal of Water Electrification and Lighting
  • Counter systems

    We individually plan and produce counter systems and food counters, either custom-made or as part of an overall concept. Basically, your imagination and creativity are given free reign. Front cooking, unusual materials or an unusual design: the sky is the limit, whereas we particularly provide for the perfect combination of functionality, quality and aesthetics. Whether for a company canteen or for the gastronomy – we find a custom-tailored solution that inspires you and your guests likewise.
  • Galleys and Catering Units

    IRIS approved, TRB Lightweight Structures has over 60 years experience in the design and manufacturer of high-quality rail interiors, including galleys and catering units. We work closely with our customers to design, build, test and validate products that can stand up to heavy usage over their long life. Our knowledge of both rail standards and requirements ensures a smooth development and approval process. We pride ourselves in being able to advise and select the right materials for your proj…
  • Railcars – meals on wheels

    The most stringent quality standards apply to kitchen- and counter systems built in railcars. Furniture and equipment have to withstand extreme stress caused by centrifugal forces, shocks and vibrations. Maximum functionality on minimum space is another essential criterion, which we have been fulfilling every day. Not without reason have leading international rail companies been relying on Winkler Design to install and equip their on-board kitchens for more than forty years. In association with …
  • Rex-Royal S200 Railway

    Product of Rex-Royal AG
    Rex-Royal - on the right track The Rex-Royal S200 Railway is the proud result of the innovative ability and the knowledge of a modern, visionary Swiss company with over 15 years of experience in the manufacture of professional fully automatic coffee machines for railway applications. It meets all safety and quality demands. In addition to the attractive design, the high-performance and high-quality components ensure that your drinks are perfectly prepared. Whether you are looking for uncompromi…
  • Train Interior furniture solutions

    Product of Baker Bellfield
  • water boilers

    Product of Calomaxrail