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  • Traction converter BORDLINE® CC1500 AC_15-25kV

    Product of ABB
    • InnoTrans 2018
    • Hall 9 304
    ABB’s patented multilevel converter topology combined with latest semiconductor technology and best efficiency control results in the most efficient traction chain on the market. Characteristics Multilevel topology enables the total optimization of the traction transformer regarding weight and efficiency (e.g. dry-type transformers) as well as the minimization of motor losses Most compact converter due to integrated auxiliary inverters and latest semiconductor technology (1.7MW/t). Available i…
  • Voith Maxima V500

    Product of Knape-Gruppe
    • InnoTrans 2018
    • Hall 25 320
    • Outdoor Display O/547
    • Outdoor Display O/548
    • Outdoor Display 4/415
    • Outdoor Display 4/416
    Applications: construction sites, transfer journeys of track construction machinery, heavy goods transport, multiple control possible Specifications 5000 hp (3750 kW) 16- cylinder ABC engine, disc brakes, high tensile forces up to 400 kN, modern hydrodynamic transmission with retarder, 6 axles, 120 km / h