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  • 'Series EMA' Battery powered torque wrench

    Product of ws-tools OHG
    • Hall 8.1 107
    slim design low weight for fatique reduced operation 4 gears for fasten tightening and maximum torques up to 60 torque steps selectable ratchet adjustment of gears, easily adjustable in 24 steps of 15 degrees: secure fastening of screw connections even in confined spaces brushless (FINE) PowerDrive motor with high degree of efficiency and wear-free characteristics Dust-proof thanks to encapsulation battery with charge level display lithium-ion battery with charge level indicator available from 7…
  • (heated) floating floor system

    • Hall 3.1 310
    Ready to install, no further gluing lightweight reduced LCC heating system on the top or the lower side  
  • (V)DZ Engine

    • Hall 18 302
    Up to 4000kWm Medium speed, 720-1000rpm Anti-Clock or Clock rotation Four stroke Cylinders are built in V Direct fuel injection Turbocharged Charge air is water-cooled Can run on heavy fuel, vegetable oil, animal greases, etc. Available in 12 and 16 cylinders in V Our medium speed V-engine based on the DZ family is offering a perfect balance between performance and required investment. This makes the engine most suitable for t…
  • 05/06 damper

    Product of Koni B.V.
    • Hall 9 406
    05/06 Innovation: KONI developed a new range of damper series with excellent performance characteristics. Our new 05 – 06 series dampers are utilizing a two-directional oil flow principle through the piston. The smart damper design features several improvements compared to traditional dampers. Due to the increased working area in the cylinder tube the dampers have an enhanced damper stiffness making them perfectly suitable for yaw damper applications. A significant weight reduction has b…
  • 0649A

    Product of Mesar S.r.l.
    • Hall 17 109
    The converter proposed is intended to be mounted above the vestibules of nell'imperiale NCDP. The converter performs the following functions: supply of an output voltage three-phase sinusoidal 380Vac/45kVA/50Hz with neutral intended to loads MT of carriage;   providing an output voltage of 24V DC electrical systems intended for the carriage and BT to charge the battery pack;   diagnostic functions and to assist the maintenance (detecting anomalies, t…
  • 0803A

    Product of Mesar S.r.l.
    • Hall 17 109
    The Unit GPS-PM803, Synchronization Kit is a COTS (Commercial Of The Shelf) based on GPS: the apparatus has the purpose of making available, within the System User, a service capable of ensuring the synchronization of the given time for all connected devices on the network. The architecture provides for connecting the GPS clock in question, “System GPS Network Time Server”, to a System User, Server (Tru64 Unix a Linux), using a serial RS-232 or LAN.
  • 0969A

    Product of Mesar S.r.l.
    • Hall 17 109
    The equipment in question, is a supply system SIAP IS732 in type D configuration. Such a facility, concentrated within a single framework, has the task of ensuring the continuity’ power to the load in both the presence and absence of the mains voltage, storing energy in the batteries during the presence of the mains voltage and restoring it when this is lacking. The modoulo for utilities AC consists of the following branches or functional subsystems: 1. Branch c.a. 1: Sec…
  • 1-AYKY-OT

    • Hall 22 214
    The solution consists basically in the use of a polymer tube as a structural element enabling the user to blow in and install or blow out a fibre optic cable. The tube forms integral part of the metallic hybrid cable. The metallic power cable for the transmission of electric power, designed for a rated voltage up to 0.6/1 kV, or the communication cable carrying an electric signal and the polymer tube are installed under a common outer sheath of the hybrid cable. The polymer tube that is used for…
  • 1-zeiliges konkaves Markieren von Eisenbahnrädern

    Die Aufgabenstellung 1-zeiliges konkaves Markieren von Eisenbahnrädern für den ICE bei einer Temperatur von 1.100° C Die Lösung Integration eines robotergeführten hitzebeständigen Nadelprägers, in die vollautomatische Produktionslinie der Räderwalzanlage des italienischen Eisenbahnräderherstellers Lucchini.
  • 10-percent energy savings and improved availability of electrical network through data-based real-time simulation

    • Hall 4.2 202
    • Hall 4.2 201
    • Outdoor Display O/420
    • Outdoor Display 2/405
    • Outdoor Display 1/400
    • Outdoor Display 2/410
    • Outdoor Display 2/106
    • Outdoor Display 2/105
    • Outdoor Display 2/104
    • Outdoor Display 2/400
    A rail operator’s electrical network is subject to various external factors: weather, usage intensity, voltage fluctuations from train operations. By combining our SCADA network control system with the Sitras intelligent energy management system, it’s possible for the first time to depict a power grid and energy flows in a data-based real-time simulation. This enables peak loads to be predicted and avoided, and makes critical network conditions transparent. In addition, train timetables can be o…
  • 1000 SERIES

    Product of OLAB SRL
    • Hall 10.2 209
  • 112m3 4-axle Tank Wagon for LPG

    Product of Greenbrier Europe
    • Outdoor Display 6/410
    • Outdoor Display 2/117
    • Outdoor Display 2/118
    The 4-axle tank wagon is designed to transport Liquefied Petroleum Gases LPG. The tank (25BH code) allows transporting various LPG products according to RID 2013. The design is optimized to maximize capacity with minimum length wagons. The wagon is fitted with a special DN500 manway on the tank head and bottom valves for liquid and gas phases, which comply with the requirements of EN 14433. Tank heads with a minimum thickness of 14 mm, as well as crash buffers, Class A, in compliance with the …