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Innovation and Progress

A clean solution for the environment and railways

Since the1990s, passenger rail coaches in a growing number of countries have been equipped with sewage tanks. This has required rail stations and depots to install equipment for pumping off and handling sewage from rail coahes.There are various requirements the equipment must fulfil. The equipment must: have high suction and pumping capacity, have a high resistance to foreign objects at the same time, be simple and easy to operate, and of course be economical.

The Vogelsang system requires only one single rotary lobe pump and no vacuum collector tank. Operators request suction systems be insensitive to running dry when emptying railcar sewage tanks, meaning the pump often pumps air. This quickly becomes obvious after one analyses the installation and operating conditions. Also the rotary lobe pump’s insensitivity to foreign bodies in the medium is assured through a simple modification to the elastomeric encapsulation of the rotary conveying lobes inside the rotary lobe pump.

In summary the Vogelsang system for pumping off sewage has the following features:
The high investment of a collector tank system is eliminated. The system requires only one single pump unit, thus simplifying the control system. Controlled shut-off systems are no longer needed. Foreign matter and objects in railcar vacuum toilets are pumped though without clogging or damaging pump elements. Because of their rugged construction they have long operational lifetime.

The Vogelsang disposal system is in successful use at almost every German rail company. In fact almost every large railway project in Germany has been carried out by Vogelsang, many foreign rail companies now have chosen the Vogelsang pumping technology. This not only applies to complete systems, such as the Dortmund rail station with its 60 workstations and a central pump station, but also small rail stations withlow traffic and no access to a sewage network may be outfitted with a pumping station for emptying passenger railcars. The product range includes everything from a simple pumping unit mounted on a handcart, or an electrically powered vehicle equipped with a plastic tank, on to stationary single stations. No matter the individual requirements, every one finds the right configuration to suit specific needs.

Supply and disposal cabinets with hygiene guarantee

Fromthe start, together with the systems for emptying sewage from railcars, freshwater has also been supplied to railcar tanks by Vogelsang systems. This requires a high standard of hygienic security. Because the fresh water supply process is functionally separated from the sewage disposal process, it is impossible for personnel to perform fresh water filling while simultaneously emptying sewage. Contamination of the fresh water is thus completely prevented.
The suction station may be equipped, as an option, with a washing sink and a dispenser for cleaning agents. All components are integrated in one space-saving cabinet, which may be heated for winter-time use.

An economical solution: the TUnit

As an alternative to the CabinetUnits, the TUnit was developed in 1999 to offer both the functions of fresh water supply and suction of sewage with minimal space requirements. By optimising the layout of the hoses the system is considerably are operator friendly. The TUnits may also be equipped with options such as heating, illumination, speakers or warning signals, in whatever combination needed to fulfil specific needs.

Quite naturally complex systems cannot be planned easily without expert advice and consultation. Computation of static loads, drawings and specifications for excavation and concrete work are unavoidable. Complete installation is possible when requested by the customer. Of course individualised after-sales-service is part of the program.

For further information check out Vogelsang at Innotrans, hall 7.2C, stand 213.
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