Terreplane Technologies, LLC


4 Bingham
Columbia, MO 65203
United States of America

  • InnoTrans 2018
  • Hall 2.2 405

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Exhibitor profile

Paradigm of epic proportions ... Opportunity of epic proportions. How will you emerge from the disruption?


The paradigm is that train cars and aircraft fuselages, alike, can generate substantial flight-generating lift. The implications are huge.


Terretrane (transit system) uses substantially-wingless tethered-glider trains/cars traveling along 40 mm diameter zipline-type guideways. Expensive tracks and highways are not needed. Routing is easy, over: building, streets, tracks, rivers, and mountain hollows.
Terretrane guideway systems operating at 1/5th the cost, 1/5th the time, and 1/5th the energy relative to much transit currently served by cars, trains, and aircraft. Terretrane enhances existing transportation infrastructure at a minimal cost with significant cost savings and enhanced performance.


Terretrans (aircraft) incorporates lift-generating surfaces on fuselages, this results in:
  • up to a doubling of aircraft fuel economy,
  • a new generation of ultra-low-cost battery-powered aircraft,
  • takeoff and landing at less than 200 meters allowing service from several locations within any given city or village,
  • improved levels of safety due to lack of liquid fuel on vehicle and sustained flight a speeds down to 50 mph, and
  • an air transit options without security waits and the need to show up early for your flight (immediately faster and more enjoyable).
This is not flying-wing technology. The misguided focus on flying wing designs is the single largest factor that created this paradigm (technology oversight).


Terreplane Technologies, LLC is a Research and Development company with over two dozen patentable claims on core and ancillary technologies summarized in two published PCT patent applications and a series of provisional applications to be converted to a third PCT patent application. Licensing of technology is available.


Core R&D activities include the following:
  • 3D printing of prototype vehicles and hardware up to 3 feet dimensions,
  • Wind tunnel testing and characterization of vehicles,
  • Composite molding using self-assembling electromagnetic cores for open-sided coil linear induction motors (LIM) that provide propulsion along zipline cables,
  • Testing of and characterization of open-sided LIMs, and
  • Assembly and testing of remote control 3D-printed Terretrans aircraft.

Terreplane Technology is ultimately a disruptive technology, but first it is constructive. Strategic and inexpensive installations can enhance the infrastructure already in place. Installations such as:
  • A bridge that costs $20 million instead of $200 million.
  • A "superport network" that connects multiple airports and main train stations in a 100 km radius with 10-minute, on-demand connection times.
  • A Terretrans (airplane) version of Megabus/Flixbus with $30 flights of 100-400 km distance without the queues and hassel of airport security.
  • Addition of a Terretrane guideway as a "piggyback" to an existing aerial tram system with extensions for faster and extended transit.
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