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InnoTrans 2018 (Online advertising) InnoTrans 2016

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Exhibitor profile

Thinking mobility further.

Meeting the need for smart mobility solutions:
It is estimated that by 2050, 70 % of the world’s population will live in cities. Hence, an ever greater pressure is building up to generate efficient mobility solutions that help people especially in urban areas, meet the demand of living their modern lifestyles and ensure the reliable and punctual transportation of goods. If they meet that demand, mobility providers will deliver much more than just moving passengers and goods from A to B.

As a result, Siemens provides integrated, sustainable transportation solutions that optimize existing infrastructures – not just through hi-tech hardware but also with smart management systems. It’s only with an intelligent approach that future-proof mobility services can be offered in the face of increasing energy costs, restricted space and rising requirements.

Through the digitalization of proven transport solutions, Siemens is taking mobility to the next level by making mobility services even more efficient and sustainable – today and tomorrow. By combining domain know-how with digitalization expertise, Siemens offers
its customers future-proven mobility solutions for improved availability, maximum throughput and enhanced passenger experience:

Availability is improved with monitoring and diagnostics, prescriptive services and intelligent energy management.

Throughput is maximized with automated driving, integrated resource and asset management and intermodal traffic management.

Passenger experience is enhanced with cutting edge IT applications enabling operators to optimize asset utilization and to provide smooth, convenient and safe traveling for their passengers.

So join Siemens at InnoTrans 2016 and experience how digital innovations will make mobility solutions more competitive and attractive. Our highlight themes:

Digital services
Powered by Sinalytics, Siemens helps engineers to use data supplied by hardware to anticipate malfunctions before actual problems occur and to target maintenance accordingly. The goal is 100% operational availability, which can be achieved through prescriptive maintenance, remote diagnostics, data analytics and optimized spare parts logistics including additive manufacturing.

Automated driving
Siemens is the leading partner for all grades of train control systems in mass transit, mainline and freight transportation – from driver assistance systems and automated train operation to fully automated systems. With advanced infrastructure systems as well as onboard and cloud technologies, Siemens ensures maximum throughput, superior punctuality, higher safety, and energy savings.

Infotainment and assistance technologies
Connectivity is key to keeping passengers safe and comfortable. Siemens offers cutting-edge communication solutions that enable access to the Internet and entertainment, integrate CCTV and travel information, and coordinate intermodal transportation services. This ensures safe, convenient, and seamless journeys through comprehensive information and assistance of passengers, conductors and operators.

Rolling stock
Siemens provides a complete range of rail vehicles for mass transit, commuter and mainline services, all equipped with advanced train control systems and the latest digital onboard applications. These vehicles offer enhanced reliability, efficiency and travel experience. The result: Convincing availability and top performances over the entire life cycle.
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