Service Resin Level Crossing (GFK)

Product of Rex Articoli Tecnici SA

  • InnoTrans 2018
  • Hall 2.2 207
  • Hall 26 221

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Via Catenazzi 1
CH-6850 Mendrisio

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  • InnoTrans 2018
  • Hall 2.2 207
  • Hall 26 221
  • Railway Technology Railway Technology
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Product description

The resin Swisscross crossings delivered with mesh or flat upper surface are especially suitable for building service railroad crossings in rail stations and escape zones for metro trains and at tunnel exits. The “Antivib” system reduces the propagation of vibration from the rail to the crossing for longer lasting materials and assemblies. The resin structures are fire resistant and conform to most international regulations concerning smoke emission in case of fire.
Level crossing to be used by service and emergency vehicles e.g. at the end of the platforms in railways stations, for light traffic paths, for private roads with moderate traffic e.g. for agricultural and pedestrian traffic. Rubber elements can be used with diffferent types of rails and sleepers. Material is wear resistant compact rubber. Crossing is fast and easy to install. Middle element can be bent and no special tools are needed. Elements are connected together by fastening bolts. Elements can be ramoved separately e.g. during the maintenance work. Optional fastening method is locking into the track. Level crossing are available for several track gauge and rail types.

One of the company's most distinguishing features is its ability to develop products resulting from the combination of different materials during the vulcanisation process. Advanced equipment for metal treatment enable REX to use any type of adhesives in compliance with the international safety and environmental regulations. Combinations with nonferrous materials are also possible.

Use Cases

Swisscross GFK the resin level crossing “Service Crossing”
  • For pedestrian service crossing
  • Fire Resistant and self-extinguishing
  • Maximum load in kg for a thickness of 38mm = 500 kg/m2
  • Maximum load for a thickness of 50mm = 1000 kg/m2
  • Good resistance to slipping
  • UV-stable, self-extinguishing, good fire resistance
  • Good resistance in average corrosive environment
  • Approved in Switzerland