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Product description

The SOG® program system supports the fast and efficient planning of track work. The planning is handled in a comfortable and user friendly manner. Intelligent calculation methods are also incorporated into SOG®. Multiple variants for the construction process can be developed in short time and can be compared for the identification of the fastest or most cost efficient variant.
Construction schedules that are developed with SOG® are displayed in a time distance graph. The display of the construction schedule can be converted into a Gantt-chart with the push of a button.
The requirements for machinery, wagons, or personnel are automatically calculated based on the developed construction schedule. The individual requirements are displayed in columns adjacent to the time distance graph, or in separate lists for the provision of locomotives, wagons or other machinery. The SOG® cost calculation module interactively evaluates the cost for the used material, machinery, wagons and personnel.
SOG® allows for the export of construction site data to other track work related software products through open interfaces. The data can also be exported for use in standard products such as MS office applications.
SOG® provides optimum support during all stages of the process planning of track work:
  • planning of frame construction schedule for announcements
  • overview planning for feasibility studies
  • assessment of track closure time requirement
  • creation of documents for the bidding process
  • planning of optimised utilisation of track closures
  • planning of machinery, wagon and personnel assignment
  • ad-hoc planning on site
The actual progress of track work activities can be entered into SOG® and compared with the initial schedule. SOG® facilitates the detailed documentation of the construction phase.
Last but not least, the planning documents and site documentation that are created with SOG® are valuable for accounting purposes and also support the reasoning for change requests.


IVE- Ingenieurgesellschaft für Verkehrs- und Eisenbahnwesen mbH (lVEmbH)

IVE- Ingenieurgesellschaft für Verkehrs- und Eisenbahnwesen mbH (lVEmbH)


Exhibitor profile

Consulting Company for Traffic and Railway Engineering Ltd.

Integration, efficiency and competitiveness of the railway system determine the work of the IVE Ltd. (Consulting Company for Traffic and Railway Engineering Ltd.) in Hanover. More than 20 scientific employees of various disciplines develop system and special detail solutions for public and private customers. The international orientation of IVE enables the synthesis of national and international experience to the benefit of our customers. National and international co-operations (networking) allow processing of an extraordinarily wide range of issues from the fields of transport and railway engineering. IVE Ltd. closely cooperates with the Rail Management Consultants International GmbH, TRANSVER GmbH and the Institute for Transport, Railway Construction and Operation at the Technical University of Braunschweig.
For the development of solutions the IVE Ltd. can rely on a motivated team and a wide range of software systems. These systems permit mapping and a detailed analysis of complex technical, operational and economic correlations even in large railway systems. Continuous internal usage and the commercial application of the systems by external users require continuous upgrading of the products and consequently guarantee high practical serviceability.
Therefore, the IVE Ltd. is highly qualified for the development of individual software solutions.
The activities of the IVE Ltd. cover the following fields of work:

Track Technology
The specific roadway gives the railway its name. Its quality, availability and costs directly influence the success of the railway system. Thus research in the field of track technology at IVE Ltd. deals with the problems of track-guided transport systems to ensure technological and economic efficiency.

Railway operation, rolling stock employment and technology
Rail transport is characterised by increasing social requirements due to the transfer of traffic streams to rail and a very expensive infrastructure. Hence an increase in the efficiency of the railway network and a more proficient employment of rolling stock is compulsory. However, safety and transport quality must still be guaranteed. To solve these complex problems computer-supported models are developed and used at IVE Ltd.

Strategies and transport planning in passenger and freight traffic
Increasing demands of the customers on public transport and escalating complex structures on a liberalised transport market present a great challenge for enterprises and consultants. Due to an intensified EU-internal transport markets like railway services in rural areas with flexible operating modes and new transport services require new solutions for service structures as well as technical and operational solutions.
The IVE Ltd. develops conceptual solutions especially for guided transport. Transport strategies and planning are an integral part of research, consulting and teaching. The multidisciplinary approach of IVE Ltd. and its cooperation with a multitude of institutes and consultants enable integrated problem solutions and the treatment of special problems within the entire transport market.

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