Road-rail vehicles- Unbeatable mobility on the tracks

Product of Goldschmidt Thermit GmbH

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  • InnoTrans 2018
  • Hall 25 325
  • Outdoor Display O/222
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Product description


Our patented road-rail system equipped with a hydrostatic drive eliminates contact between the rubber tires and the rails. When the vehicle is on the track it rests entirely on the rail wheels. The result is excellent performance in terms of safety, traction, track accuracy, braking power, speed and drive comfort.

Road-rail vehicles from SRS are available for the installation, inspection and maintenance of overhead lines, inspection of bridges & tunnels and welding as well as cranes & rescue applications. We can also offer special SRS road-rail vehicles in modular construction, with heavy cranes and trolleys as well as road vehicles for different applications.

Our road-rail vehicles move between work sites at normal road speed and can be driven on the road as close as possible to the work site. This reduces the track transport time considerably and increases the effective working time on the track.
A further decisive advantage of our road-rail vehicles is that they can be loaded at the depot and are therefore able to transport the material to the work site using the road and the track. The easy and uncomplicated transfer of the vehicle from the road onto the track saves time and money as there is no need to reload the material. This means that road-rail vehicles can usually work longer at the site.

The quick transfer of our vehicles from the road to the track requires just 3 to 5 meters of a level crossing. In comparison to conventional systems, the advantages in terms of time-saving and lower costs of the SRS rail driving system are clear to see. Designed to handle speeds of up to 100 km/h on the track the SRS road-rail system is highly safe within its speed range compared to systems which use tires. The rail wheels of our system give our vehicle the same characteristics as a purely rail-bound vehicle on the track including the same braking capacity and traction.

The SRS system also allows the remote control of the vehicle from, for example, the working platform or the crane. During this time, no driver is required in the cab. This reduces costs and saves time and also eliminates the risk of a misunderstanding between the driver and the operator. The mechanized vehicles are equipped with an electronic control system which further reduces the number of operators and therefore also the operating costs.

All our vehicles are custom made to meet customer needs and specifications. They comply with the European standard for road-rail vehicles EN 15746/RIS1530 for both mainline and light rail.