Railway Profiling System RPS

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  • InnoTrans 2018
  • Hall 9 707

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Erwin-Sick-Straße 1
79183 Waldkirch

  • InnoTrans 2018
  • Hall 9 707
  • Railway Infrastructure Railway Infrastructure

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Product description

The RPS (Railway Profiling System) measures and detects profile violations of trains under free-flow traffic conditions. The trains are scanned up to 200 times a second using eye-safe 2D LiDAR sensors. The measurement data recorded is used to generate a 3D model of each train. This 3D model is the basis for fully-automated detection of profile violations. In case of a violation the critical section of the train can be analyzed in the 3D model as well as with several pictures. In addition, the modular structure of the RPS allows simple upgrading of the system functions to include additional features such as truck antenna detection (rolling highway)

Product features
  • Fully automated train dimension measurement at free-flow conditions
  • Detection of minimal object size
  • Several pictures of critical section
  • User interface with 3D representation of the profile violation on the train
  • Reliable operation in all weather conditions
  • Modular system with extensions for antenna detection, dynamic loading gauge and high sensitivity
Customer benefits
  • Increase safety and uptime of the railway line and tunnels
  • Fully flexible and configurable system according to customer needs
  • Minimal operating and maintenance costs thanks to proven outdoor laser measurement technology
  • The graphical user interface helps assess the location and reduce train inspection time
  • Remote access to each system via web browser