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Product description

The Railvac™ 16000 is a 10” self-propelled suction machine. With the power of two 250kW diesel engines each connected to a 3-lobe vacuum pump, a unique suction power is created.
  • 16000m³ airflow/hour
  • 950mbar of vacuum.
Excavated material will be transported by an airflow of 90m/s through the hose into the 25m³ material hopper. The air and residual dust passes into the filter chamber where a 70m² filter separates the dust. Leaving the Railvac™, the air is cleaner than when entering.
The suction hose and its nozzle is handled through a joystick controlled hydraulic manipulator with 6 degrees of freedom, giving full flexibility and reach when excavating.

Surgical Excavation
Ballast or clay, wet or dry, surface or deep down, the power of the Railvac is there.
Together with a skilled operator it will give an average performance of 25m³/hour with peak performance at 40m³.
The excavation runs without harming the infrastructure, cables or installations.

Short set up time, surgical excavation and high performance gives the possibility for excavation with short possession times. The small “footprint” and full flexibility makes the Railvac™ to a productive tool where no other machines are suitable.

Work, such as:
  • Tunnels & Platforms
  • Switches and Crossings
  • Cable work (without harming the cables, air excavation)
  • Station Areas
  • UTX
When short track downtime is requested, the Railvac™ is the alternative.


Railcare Machine AB

Railcare Machine AB


Exhibitor profile

We want to find new solutions to old methods. We think differently

Railcare Group AB is focusing on railway maintenance and railway services in Scandinavia and in the UK.

The core business is based on vacuum excavation technology with a number of developed methods and machines (Railvac OTM) for effective and profitable railway maintenance. In Scandinavia Railcare Group also offers railway transportation services (goods) and rental of locomotives, wagons, drivers as well as ECM wagon workshop services.

Railcare Group AB is listed on the Nasdaq stock exchange in Stockholm, Sweden.

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