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Recommendation of "PULLPO" ball bearing puller set, K-70-C

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Product description

To remove grooved ball bearings without causing damage and without having to dismantle the shaft.

  • With this puller, grooved ball bearings that are simultaneously located on a shaft and in a casing can be quickly and easily removed.
  • Puller is self-tensioning and easy to handle.
  • Pulling jaws specifically developed for precise mounting in bearing tracks for optimal support and better extension force.
  • Pulling jaws made of two parts. Dowel pin is hammered into the upper end of the jaw.
  • The proven KUKKO claw in a newly developed, modern jaw design.
  • The two pulling jaw versions are color-coded for easier distinction.
  • The pulling jaws are tempered for a long service life.
  • The special cross-beam design ensures secure retention of the the part to be removed by the pulling jaws thanks to the spread adjuster.
  • Mechanical pressure spindle.
  • Rounded spindle head is used with the slide hammer as a spindle top.
  • Milled thread treated with special coating.
  • Instructions and conversion table in the cover.
  • Secure storage in special foam.
  • Puller is self-tensioning and easy to handle.
  • Simple, self-explanatory use with a small number of individual components.
  • Simple mounting of the pulling jaws with 90° rotation in the cross-beam.
  • Secure, form-fitting connection of the pulling jaws with the cross-beam.
  • Only two pulling jaw types required.
  • Machined, lateral jaw surfaces ensure optimal jaw alignment with the cross-beam.
  • Magnets under the cross-beam ensure simple mounting of the support rings on the ball bearing.
  • Spindle head band prevents the wrench from slipping off.
  • Non-contact removal possible - in combination with a slide hammer.
  • ng system.