Intelligent predictive maintenance of rails and switches

Product of Goldschmidt Thermit GmbH

  • InnoTrans 2018
  • Hall 25 325
  • Outdoor Display O/222

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Hugo-Licht-Str. 3
04109 Leipzig

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  • InnoTrans 2018
  • Hall 25 325
  • Outdoor Display O/222
  • Railway Infrastructure Railway Infrastructure

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Product description


Professional maintenance is an important preventive measure against wear caused by heavy rail traffic and serves to sustainably lengthen the service life of rails and switches in subway systems, tramways, light rail and mainline networks as well as wheels. This means you work more efficiently and your network runs according to schedule – safely, reliably and with a long life. Thanks to our highly mobile equipment, our teams are particularly flexible. They are quickly and efficiently able to manage the required welding and grinding work on rails, switches and track where access can be difficult.


The following welding processes used to carry out the work on your tracks are constantly being improved:
  • submerged arc-welding
  • manual arc-welding
  • flux-cored wire welding
  • repair welding process THERMIT® HEAD REPAIR
Depending on your requirements, after the welding we use special machines to recreate the original profile or the profile you require on the welded rails.

We use a number of different grinding processes to efficiently and precisely machine your rails and switches. Our large fleet of grinding vehicles allows us to quickly and efficiently carry out your orders.

Our range of services:
  • grinding of new rails (removal of mill scale and damage from construction work)
  • removal of corrugations
  • deburring
  • reprofiling
  • removal of rail defects such as head checks, squats and wheel burns
  • acoustic grinding for considerably quieter train operations
  • switch grinding
Our grinding processes for your individual requirements:
  • manual grinding
  • mobile rail grinding machine GP 4000 to restore the rail profile of heads and joints on flat bottom rails
  • mobile reprofiling and deburring machine RAILSHAPE ECO
  • road-rail grinding machines RAILSHAPE EXPERT
Higher speeds, heavier loads, higher standards for travel comfort – the requirements for railway tracks are steadily increasing. Our measurement services ensure that you are able to assess the quality of your railway tracks at any time and therefore provide you with security and economy.

The right measuring device for each application: we use modern devices mainly developed by us to manage the geometrical inspection and generate extensive documentation for individual rails or complete railway tracks. Such as our precision measuring devices RAILSTRAIGHTS controllable via our GOLDSCHMIDT DIGITAL APP.