Efftronics Systems Pvt. Ltd.


#40-15-9, Brundavan Colony
MG Road

Vijayawada 520010
Andhra Pradesh

Phone / Fax: show
Phone: +91 8662466693
Fax: +91 8662747097
  • InnoTrans 2018
  • Hall 5.2 313
  • Railway Infrastructure Railway Infrastructure

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Exhibitor profile

To Provide Insight for Enhancing Wealth

Efftronics Systems Pvt. Ltd. is (an ISO 9001- 2015 certified IT company) a Smart Solution Provider, established in 1985, our earliest product was ‘Microprocessor based LED display system with different visual effects’ and now continuing innovation and development of niche products and smart solutions in various domains such as Railway Signalling, Buildings, Cities and IoT Solutions. We have 50+ innovations to our credit. We are now grown into one of the India’s credible IoT Solution Provider with a team of 700+ professional employees. Our Customer support teams operate from 125 locations pan India.

Our Vision...
Our Vision is to develop Products and Solutions to the customers which provide truthful information who can optimize and improve the business process. The customers can take informed decisions towards enhancing wealth.

Our Quality Policy
Efftronics Systems Pvt. Ltd. Shall provide Information Technology Products that does Value creation to customers and exceed their expectations in functionality, usability, reliability, performance, availability, adaptability and supportability.

Our Products and Solutions
Our products/Customised solutions are tailored to the need of the customer. At Efftronics, we have strong R&D unit, therefore our products are built in-house, adaptable to Indian conditions of voltage fluctuations, humidity variations, dust and insect infestations. Entire software, hardware and firmware, in every project is developed from the scratch thus giving us the command in every aspect of the products / projects. Usability, expandability in every product make our products value for money.

Smart Railway Signaling Solutions: Efftronics solutions for Railways include Data Loggers (positioned in more than 7500 railway stations across the country), Passenger Information Systems, Digital Clocks, Remote Condition Monitoring of points, tracks, signals, LC gates, Digital axle counters, power supplies, Point Machine and solid-state signalling assets. Efftronics has also developed fail safe equipment like LED signal lamp and Solid-State Block Proving by Axle Counter conforming to Safety Integrity as per European Standards. Efftronics is first to do so in India

Smart Buildings Solutions: We offer Smart Building Solutions like Smart Security, Appliance control, Energy Monitoring and Smart Lighting Solutions. In fact, we provide Building Management Solutions. Efftronics markets LED lighting solutions under a brand Effe. With 30+ years of experience in working with LEDs, world class efficacies of more than 140 lumen/Watt glare-free and robust industrial identity LED Lights are produced.

Smart City Solutions: Efftronics is one of the top 20 Smart City Solution providers in India (as per CIO Insider) Safe, Secure, Healthy, Pleasant, Efficient, Learnable, Affordable, Entertaining, Sustainable Dynamic Smart Cities are possible with Efftronics Smart city Solutions. We provide Smart proven water distribution monitoring system to distribute right quality, quantity of drinking water at right time. Our Solutions include Air quality monitors, Weather monitoring units, Smart Appliance controls, and Smart Transport solutions like Bus Destination Displays, Bus Stop Displays, Variable Message Signages, Adaptive Wireless Traffic Signaling Systems, Public Announcement System etc.to make our cities smart.

IoT Solutions: Efftronics is one of the pioneers in Internet of Things Solutions and Services to bridge the space between physical and digital devices, digital data transfer and for digitisation of things. We have deployed & maintain India's Largest IoT Network by Connecting 60 lakhs+ signaling elements in Indian Railways across 9000 locations.

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