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Enrico Mattei 22

  • InnoTrans 2018
  • Hall 14.1 102
  • Railway Technology Railway Technology

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Exhibitor profile

DKC : Reliable and safe solutions for protecting cables, energy distribution and conversion

The DKC Group has been a solid and efficient international leader in the design, production and marketing of cable carrying systems since 1998.
The desire to grow along with the need for changes in market requirements created an opportunity for development which, in 2008, led the DKC Group to start acquiring well-established and important Italian companies.
In just a few years DKC has structured an organization of qualified and motivated human resources to conquer a highly competitive international market in order to become leading players for the future; at the same time it has been increasing its line of products with innovative solutions characterized by maximum reliability and exclusivity, thus strengthening its leading role in the cable protection, energy distribution and conversion sector.

Attention to detail in the design, customization and flexibility characterize DKC's product lines, more precisely:
  • Combitech: cable support and protection systems made up of metal raceways and racks.
  • Conchiglia: Fibreglass cabinets for outdoor installation and components for the Street Lighting network.
  • Cosmec: Metallic cable protection systems and equipment for installers and panel builders.
  • Ram-Batt: Energy conversion and protection systems.
  • Ram-block: Casings and Cabinets for industrial automation and the distribution of low voltage energy.
  • Ram-klima: Air conditioning systems for electrical enclosures.
The combination of success factors which have led to DKC's rapid growth on a worldwide level includes:
- the wide availability of technologically reliable, functional and innovative products;
- the creation of an organizational structure focused on constant improvement;
- collaboration between resources, the creation and enthusiasm of a dynamic, close-knit and cohesive group;
- the management of effective logistics and an efficient pre- and after-sales technical assistance service.

The Group's main value is the realization of valid solutions to foresee and satisfy the needs of its clients in observance of sector standards and environmental compatibility.

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