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31 Ferguson Drive
Knockmore Hill Industrial Park

BT28 2EX
United Kingdom

  • InnoTrans 2018
  • Hall 26 105
  • Railway Infrastructure Railway Infrastructure

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Three Dimensional Automatic Pantograph Monitoring System

Real time pantograph condition monitoring in 3D

PANTOBOT 3D is a fully automated three-dimensional pantograph inspection system which allows the network operator to make real time decisions based on true pantograph condition.

It is well understood a damaged pantograph has the potential to tear down the overhead line resulting in long delays and widespread service disruption. Typical examples of pantograph anomalies include excess chipping, increased carbon wear and damaged horns.

The power of machine learning

PANTOBOT 3D represents a step change in the image capture, processing and analysis of train pantographs. Conventional 2D technology relies on a subjective assessment by a skilled engineer but 3D pantograph reconstruction allows the machine to automatically undertake quantitative analysis of the carbon strips to the nearest millimetre.
Machine learning algorithms trend individual pantograph models to predict when the pantograph is approaching end of life ensuring maintenance schedules are fully optimized.

PANTOBOT 3D is a powerful diagnostic system which can automatically:
  • Recognise and classify the pantograph model
  • Classify the material on the contact strips (graphite, copper)
  • Analyse the degree of wear, chipping and cracking on every axis (X, Y, Z) to millimetric level
  • Geometry check of the contact strips and pantograph alignment
  • Detect if the pantograph horns are damaged or missing
  • Measure the degree of uplift of a passing pantograph (contact wire displacement)
  • Alert the network operator if a pantograph is outside its normal operating limits