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Windsor QC J1S 0A4

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InnoTrans 2018
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Exhibitor profile

Durable Solutions

Baultar is a Canadian company that designs innovative products for the transportation industry (railway freight output, railway public transit, buses, infrastructure), and the architectural field.

Our mission is to create value for our clients by offering them increasingly efficient, reliable, and responsible solutions that address specific difficulties they have encountered.

At Baultar, we stand out from the competition thanks to our durable and innovative solutions, which result directly from our expert client service, our problem-solving approach, and our flexibility.

Since our company’s founding by Bruno Archambault in 1984, our approach and our values have remained the same: integrity, creativity, and unparalleled client service. Our team is accustomed to listening to the needs of our clients and viewing the obstacles they encounter as opportunities. Relying on our engineering capabilities, we can help our clients resolve their problems, transform their ideas into value-added solutions, increase their efficiency, and reduce their operating and installation costs. We strive to adapt our products to meet the specific needs of our clients, and we always collaborate with them to make their ideas a reality while being sure to respect their personal standards and criteria.

We offer a line of quality products for the flooring industry (which includes floor coverings and subflooring), conductor’s seats, and a variety of mechanical solutions.

Baultar’s Flooring Solutions

Baultar manufactures a range of all-in-one composite flooring solutions including the following high-quality products for mass transit applications: ABRASTOP, ABRASTOP Foam Lite, ABRASTOP Foam Heavy Duty, and ABRASTOP Foam Heating Floor.

ABRASTOP is a highly durable floor covering that is particularly suited to mass transit overhauls.

ABRASTOP Foam Lite is a structural flooring system that includes a floor covering, an integrated lightweight thermoset foam subfloor, and reinforcing fibres that combine the best features of each of these elements.

ABRASTOP Foam Heavy Duty is a structural flooring system that includes a floor covering, an integrated heavy-duty thermoset foam subfloor, and reinforcing fibres. It is particularly suited for applications requiring higher impact resistance characteristics, such as locomotives.

ABRASTOP Foam Heating Floor is a complete unitized system that combines Baultar’s highly wear-resistant floor covering, a lightweight structural subfloor, and a heating element in an all-in-one solution.

All of these products can be adapted to meet specific client needs and reduce life-cycle costs. They are easy to install, require almost no maintenance, and are compliant with mass transit standards – all realities that result in significant savings for our clients.

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