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Exhibitor profile

Bitimec‘s Railway Sector Lines are the outcome of almost 30 years of design innovation. The ability to conceive, design and manufacture intelligent, economical solutions to customer’s needs has grown our railway sector presence worldwide. Bitimec has won large orders for railway related maintenance and service equipment throughout Europe, Africa, Australia and the Americas.

Bitimec has offices to serve you directly in Europe and North America, plus we have a dedicated network of 30 active distributor worldwide on 5 continents.

We invite you to look at our lines as follows and to come visit our stand in HALL 7.2c stand 302

Speedy Wash™ Mobile Train and Railcar Washing Systems. Train and Railcar Washing Machines at the cutting edge of cleaning equipment/technology.

Our SEP-1000 line of fast, mobile, train and railcar washing machines provides huge benefits at an unbeatable return on investment. Three Train Wash Systems to adapt to any train and railcar profile. SEP machines make fast work of washing trains, right where they stand, from track level or from platform level. No more logistical time consuming headaches of shunting multimillion dollar rolling stock to far-away, fixed washing portals. Every regional station, no matter how small, can now have its own trains and railcar washing system.

Politrac Extreme Service Utility Vehicles and Trailers specifically designed for rail station and train maintenance. Models include:
Tow Tractors Compact 88cm or 101 cm wide with a tow capacity of up to 10 tons. Multi Purpose Utility Vehicle Flat Beds. With a load capacity of 2000kg and tow capacity of 5 tons this can be configured to provide mobile solutions for multiple applications Samples of totally autonomous configurations include: Brake Sand Filling Systems. Brake Sand Refilling arrangement. A world class mobile sand refill ‘station on wheels’ for fast brake sand filling. Graffiti Removal Systems with collection pans, fresh and used water tanks and vacuum suction pump. Inside cleaning equipment for washing railcars and toilet facilities. Includes power washer, water tank, generator, vacuum cleaner, cleaning equipment and WC restocking supplies Utility water tanker and pressure washer.

Can be used for fresh water or washing waterLinens and refuse collection systems for fast refuse and linens removal.Sewage slurry and toilet cleaning-emptying vacuum systems. The least expensive and simplest to use in their category. Train washing power brush system, battery only. General carry-alls and Utility Station Maintenance Vehicles accessorized with a wide assortment of tools and equipment

Zefiro Wheel and Rail Lubricating Systems.
The Zefiro system is a patented rail wheel and track lubrication system which is activated by the actual rail vibration as the trains/railcars approach the system's sensors. Pressurized grease is shot at the inner track as required. The grease is biodegradable and environmentally friendly. The equipment is extremely cost efficient and the savings in wheel and track wear are impressive.

Smart BT80 Ozone sanitisig system
The Smart BT80 allows saniting location without using any chemicals.
The Smart BT80 turning oxigen in ozone, through a patented technology, can saturate the site where it's placed, keping always a balanced and controlled quantity of ozone, killing mites, bacteria, virus, and bad smells. Once the cycle is finished, Smart BT80 turns back ozone into oxigen allowing an immediate use of the location, and avoiding the dispersion on ozone in the environment.

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