ASTRA Rolling stock

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  • InnoTrans 2018
  • Hall 3.2 204

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Petru Rares 1-3
310210 Arad

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Phone: +40 257 233651
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  • InnoTrans 2018
  • Hall 3.2 204
  • Railway Technology Railway Technology

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Product description

Passenger coaches, special coaches, metro cars, tramways, EMU's, DMU's, vans

The new millennium brought the explosion of the communications. The different curtains folded up. The people are moving more, to new destinations.

More speed, more comfort, cleaner, ecological, vehicles more viable, available to PRM, reliable, maintainable, safe, these are the requirements of modern transport.

Long distance transport, on main lines, is made now with high speed, in comfort and complete safety.

ASTRA Vagoane Cãlãtori is manufacturing the Z1 AVA200 passenger coaches family equipped with the bogie Y32R, that can operate at 200 km/h speed, in various design and configuration, according to the clients specific requirements. The coaches insure comfort, safety, ecology, in a pleasant environment. Diagnose, Passenger Information System, Internet, CCTV, all these are common features according to client requirements.

ASTRA Vagoane Calatori produces also an extended range of passenger coaches, including narrow gauge (1000mm) and also broad gauge passenger coaches (1600mm), meeting the needs of a global market.

For non-electrified track, ASTRA manufactures Power Cars with Diesel - Electric power generators to supply air conditioned trains. Special cars with PRM facilities are also currently manufactured.

Rail urban transport is a priority.ASTRA Vagoane Calatori is manufacturing its IMPERIO trams, under a license from Siemens, for 1000mm and 1435 mm gauge. with 3 to 6 modules. ASTRA is also modernizing the old GT4 trams, with new design and AC 3phase propulsion system.

In cooperation with Siemens, ASTRA Vagoane Cãlãtori has manufactured the DMU Desiro for Romanian Railways.

To increase comfort for passengers, ASTRA manufactures an 160 km/h wagon van for cars transport in passenger trains.

In crowded cities, the route transport in rush hours is more and more replaced with faster and non-pollution vehicles. ASTRA Vagoane Cãlãtori manufactured 504 metro cars for Bucharest underground.

In order to insure the complete satisfaction of the customer, ASTRA Vagoane Cãlãtori is ready to meet any special requirements of the clients.

For more information please visit our website and contact us.

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