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Public Transport
Public Transport


29 Warabrook Boulevard
Warabrook 2304


Phone / Fax:
Phone: +61 249234113
Fax: +61 249234120

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Protecting People & Assets

4Tel is a specialist software and technology company which has been servicing clients in the rail, transport and government sectors since 2001. 4Tel’s area of expertise ranges from design and fitout of transport control centres, to software systems which are designed to optimise network performance and improve efficiency. 4Tel is represented in both Kenya and Chile and has plans to expand further in 2018.

4Tel specialises in digital railway solutions. As the principle technology provider to a regional railway operator, 4Tel has developed a suite of products to increase efficiencies, situational awareness, and safety. All systems use the internet-of-things for a constantly connected network which enables us to respond quickly for optimal network performance. All of these systems are proven in use in metropolitan, regional and remote Australian locations.

The projects 4Tel is best known for is the delivery of Electronic Authorities which is a data message dispatch system in Train Order Working territory (SIL-2 approved); and more recently, the ETW project which uses mobile phone app technology to interlock track worksites into the same train control system. Looking to the future, 4Tel is working with the University of Newcastle (Aus) to create a trainbourne Artificial Intelligence system using deep machine learning as an advanced driver advisory system, reinforcing 4Tels core belief of 'Smart Trains, Dumb Track'.

Our specialised team combines multiple engineering fields of expertise, ensuring that our systems are robust to withstand harsh climatic conditions, remote locations and provide an economic case for our clients - and all of which are proven in operation.

4Tel’s digital railway suite includes:
  • A communications-based train control system using digital electronic authorities (4ASW);
  • An on-board computer and communications system (4MTU), with the option of an advanced driver advisory system including camera interfaces and an artificial intelligence processor (HORUS), and an option for automatic train protection interface to a locomotive’s braking system (EN4CER),
  • A mobile tracking system for tracking any mobile user including trains, track vehicles, road vehicles, and staff (4TRAK);
  • An infrastructure monitoring system using an Internet-of-Things architecture (4SITE);
  • A rail vehicle detection system for centralised train control (4CTC),
  • A worksite protection system with track-side beacons and user Apps (4WPS/4PTW),
  • An advanced passenger information system for modern displays and public help points (4PIDS),
  • An electronic assets management system for licencing and inventory control (4ASSETS), and
  • A complete train planning, access, reporting and billing system (4ABS), amongst other systems.