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Product description

This program offers solutions for 3D measurements, evaluations and documentation all in one product. 3-DIM PC-Basic runs on standard laptops and is designed for 3D measurements in ralway industry (railcoaches, underframes, motor vehicles, bogies...). Various dimensions apply and are of importance when geometrically scanning or controlling objects with different dimensions.

The software consists of four components:
  • Graphic (visual presentation and point editing)
  • Test table (list of coordinates with metadata)
  • Measurement Center (interface to instrument)
  • Database
3-DIM PC Basic works point-oriented. A distinction is made between MEASURED and NOMINAL coordinates of individual measurement and test points. Nominals can be input manually and/or importing a file. Measurements and logged with the help of the "Measurement Center" and transferred directly to the program.

This program is primarily a measuring and evaluation program for industrial measuring and surveying applications (Lasertracker, 3D scanning). Three typical approaches have become established, depending on the task at hand:
  • Free measuring (excluding TARGET data, or without test planning)
  • Measuring with macros (automatic calculation and documentation)
  • Measure with measuring sheets (used with series measurements)
  • You can also transfer the measurement directly to Excel for further analysis.


GLM Lasermeßtechnik GmbH

GLM Lasermeßtechnik GmbH


Exhibitor profile

Simply measurably better

More than 20 years of industry solutions in the area of the industrial 3D metrology – a success story for GLM, customers, and projects. Experience the power of precise techniques in combination with innovative software.

In 1991, GML developed the first individual software solution for millimeter-precise measuring of railway vehicles – the start of a new business area was a success. Over the past 20 years, our software development team has been able to expand its know-how and open up new areas.
The secret of successful software solutions „made by GLM“?
Very simple: An optimal mix of many years of experience and a good dose of creativity.

The powerful NET total stations by SOKKIA are ideal for any requirements of motorized industrial 3D measuring tasks – regardless of the application scope. Thanks to innovative technologies, these instruments provide not only the highest accuracy for angle and distance measurements but also convince with impressively high mobility and fast motors. In addition, all NET series systems
feature an extremely ruggedly construction and meet the high demands of industry-leading protection class IP65 – which ensures a long service life and reliability.

You have a survey or measuring project and are looking for the right partner for the job? Our experienced survey teams are ready to be dispatched worldwide...

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