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Ke Kablu 278
102 00 Praha 10
Czech Republic

InnoTrans 2021 InnoTrans 2018
  • Railway Infrastructure Railway Infrastructure

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Product description

The solution consists basically in the use of a polymer tube as a structural element enabling the user to blow in and install or blow out a fibre optic cable. The tube forms integral part of the metallic hybrid cable. The metallic power cable for the transmission of electric power, designed for a rated voltage up to 0.6/1 kV, or the communication cable carrying an electric signal and the polymer tube are installed under a common outer sheath of the hybrid cable. The polymer tube that is used for subsequent installation of a fibre optic cable can be concentrically twisted or it may run through the centre of a cable core. The tube has longitudinal grooving in the inner wall to help reduce friction between the cable itself and the tube wall when the fibre optic cable is blown in or out.

The installation of two types of cables can thus be avoided and time needed for the installation can be considerably reduced. At the same time, space required for the installation of one cable instead of two cables is much lower and the associated costs can be diminished accordingly. The major advantage of the described solution consists primarily in enabling subsequent blowing-in, i.e. installation of a fibre optic cable tailored to local needs. If any damage to the cable or fibre occurs or if another type of cable or a multimode fibre optic cable is to be used in the future, the existing cable can be easily blown out of the polymer tube and a new fibre optic cable can be blown in. All these operations can be done without removing the hybrid cable even under the full operation of the metallic cable.