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Research and production corporation “United Wagon Company” (UWC, the Company) is a leading railway holding focused on design, manufacture, leasing, transportation and maintenance of freight cars.

United Wagon Company incorporates four production facilities: Tikhvin Freight Car Building Plant (TVSZ), TikhvinChemMash, TikhvinSpetsMash and NPC “Springs”. UWC, as a holding, also owns UNICON 1520 (a freight carrier), several leasing companies under the brand of RAIL1520, and Titran-Express (a railcar maintenance company). UWC’s research and engineering activities are implemented by VNICTT (All-Union Research and Development Centre for Transportation Technology). The Company has a vast maintenance network that includes training and service centres mostly operating at railway depots in the CIS and Baltic states.

The Company’s annual production capacity is up to 22,000 freight cars and 90,000 tons of railway castings. Having produced a total of 19,100 freight cars in 2017, United Wagon Company stands among the world leaders of the industry.
The plant of TVSZ, the Company’s core production facility, counts among the most prominent in the world machine building industry in terms of investment, production and high-technology capacities. The total investments in production facilities exceed USD 1.5 bn with more than 10,000 staff currently employed by UWC’s enterprises. In 2017, the Holding’s consolidated revenue grew 28% to USD 1.063 bn, while its EBITDA rate net of subsidies increased by 14% to USD 206 mn.

The Company offers a wide product range including all most demanded freight car types: solid-bottom gondola cars, multipurpose gondola cars with discharge hatches, hopper cars (for grain, fertilizers, cement), tank cars (for oil, acids, etc.), box cars, flat cars, including container flat cars, etc.

Through its engineering centre UWC can quickly develop, prototype, test and launch into serial production practically any car designed to its customer’s requirements. Component product range comprises, among other, springs, wheelsets, heavy and medium-size castings, austempered ductile iron products.

Freight cars produced by UWC are used for cargo shipments by all major industries around the CIS. Notably, United Wagon Company is Russia’s largest manufacturer of heavy-haul rolling stock. UWC works closely on enhancing its exports of freight cars to the Africa, Middle East, and Europe. Developing its component production, the Company now supplies bogie side frames and bolsters, springs and other components for Wabtec Corporation to the USA market. United Wagon Company’s freight car production facilities are highly appreciated by its prospective European customers: UWC has successfully passed the supplier qualification of Deutsche Bahn.

The Company designs and manufactures freight cars, according to AAR, TSI, UIC and GOST standards. United Wagon Company is also a member of the Association of American Railroads, the Railway Supply Institute and the International Association for Vehicle System Dynamics.