The KTSM System For Floor-Mounted Monitorig of Eqvuipment Condition

Produkt von TVEMA

  • InnoTrans 2018
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  • InnoTrans 2018
  • Halle 21 102
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Impermissible overheating due to brake locking of wheels may cause slide flats, damage of braking equipment, wheel disc/flange breaks and/or rail defects.

To prevent such emergency situations, special floor-mounted hot-box detection devices are employed in rolling stock. The readings of these devices must be continuously monitored.

This may be performed, in particular, with the floor-mounted equipment condition monitoring system developed by the TVEMA Group.

KTSM (the Russian acronym for ‘Upgraded Hardware System’) is an example of Company knowhow which is unprecedented in Russia. It is intended for automated on-the-fly monitoring of device condition. To this end, hot boxes of a laboratory vehicle hosting the device are simulated, and the acquired results are processed and analysed by the computer system.

The computer system comprises instrumental temperature channel for the working surface of the hot-box simulator and for ambient air at both sides of the laboratory vehicle. A simulator power supply control channel and train radio communication logging channel are also provided.

The KTSM control equipment provides measurement, display and real-time logging of the data and the temperature information for each channel, as well as recording KTSM voice informer messages via the train radio communication channel. The entire user interface is arranged within a single operator’s workstation.

The system software makes it possible to display the information on travel route, KTSM stations at the track section, simulator condition, as well as to save and process the inspection results with referencing to coordinates, The system prints report documentation.

The KTSM system provides logging and listening to the train radio communication for the purpose of comparing the recorded information with that received from the station operator or from the voice informer on a laboratory vehicle passing the KTSM station. There is an option of building and , if required, editing the KTSM station database.

Presently this device is employed on the INTEGRAL inspection vehicle and on the ATLANT automation and telemetry vehicle.

The system is designed for installation on an inspection vehicle. It can be employed both with an individual locomotive and included in a passenger train on all railways of Russia and neighbouring countries with the track gauge 1520 (1524) mm.