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Railway Technology
Railway Technology


9, Vodoprovodnaya street


Telefon / Fax:
Telefon: +380 0482344184
Fax: +380 0482343584

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"Tatra-Yug tramsforming cities".

Tatra-Yug is the unique Ukrainian tramcar, LRT and streetcar producer, beginning from 1993. We are producing different types of tramcars under the individual order taking into account all costumer's requirements as well as climate, conditions of maintenance and other relevant characteristics.

The advantages of Tatra-Yug
  • fully Ukrainian manufacturer — we have reached 95% localization of production providing jobs for people at more than 250 enterprises all over Ukraine;
  • experience — we produce tramcars for over 25 years;
  • energy savings — our vehicles consume 46% less electricity than their counterparts;
  • a guarantee of quality — high performance of our products are confirmed by international quality certificates;
  • low price — thanks to the complete production cycle in Ukraine our cars are much cheaper than their counterparts;
  • service — we have developed a unique system of monitoring the work of our trams, which handles the daily information about their operation and transmits it to the service center;
  • flexibility — we offer our customers flexible terms concerning the design of both, exterior and interior, as well as the terms and conditions of supply;
  • positive reviews — Tatra-Yug trams are successfully operated in 22 cities and their excellent operation is confirmed by operational organizations;
  • environmental friendliness — our cars do not contaminate the environment, which is crucial for metropolises and industrial centers, especially at such a substantial increase in respiratory diseases among the population worldwide.


Inessa Kerdivara

International Manager
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