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  • InnoTrans 2018
  • Halle 5.2 313
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System Integrity Test is conducted on Railway Signalling Systems to ensure Safety & Availability. The test is highly automated by which human errors are eliminated. Evidence of test results is produced for further validation, if required.


Testing of Signalling System for compliance to TOC / RCC is mandatory before commissioning of any signalling system. After commissioning also this test is required to be carried out periodically once in 3 years. First test is offline and the second one is online.
Implementation of interlocking (based on SIP) has the following stages
  • Preparation of Route Control Chart (RCC)
  • Design of logic circuits
  • Wiring of logic circuit
  • Testing and commissioning
We have automated the testing by which it is possible to find the mistakes in last 3 stages i.e. Design and Wiring of circuits and Testing.
  • The conventional (manual) system has the following limitations
  • Test procedure is not fully defined
  • No document of Testing (Test plan)
  • No evidence of Test Results
  • No evidence of validation of test results
  • No scope for verification of tests done, since no tangible output, results out of testing
  • Negative test of controlling functions
  • One Signal One Train Test
  • Route Checking Test (In Offline only)
  • Route release test - light engine and long train
  • Test for route locking
  • Test for back locking or route holding
  • Test for approach locking
  • Red-lamp protection test
  • Aspect sequence control test
  • Lamp cascading test
  • Point track locking test
  • SMKEY locking test for different assets
  • Crank handle and LX Gate locking test
  • Square sheet test(In Offline only)
  • Point Operation in Route Test
  • (In Route setting type Panels Only)
  • Representation of Table Of Control in terms of data logger inputs
  • Instructions for carrying out tests are defined
  • Tests are converted to a software program based on Table of Control
  • Desirable test results are generated by software program based on Table Of Control
  • Online test results are compared with desirable results through software program
  • Status of the required relays are taken by the system from Data logger

Railway Signal Interlocking testing in Online & Offline for
  • Panel Interlocking ( PI )
  • Route Relay Interlocking (RRI)
  • Solid State Interlocking (SSI) / EI
  • Testing Made Independent of human Errors by Tester
  • Testing to a large extent is made independent of testing capability of the Tester
  • Validity of yard Specific test data
  • Execution is faster than manual testing, hence can be repeated
  • Completeness and correctness of testing can be ensured
  • Document evidence of Testing for further analysis is made available
  • Testing can be paused and continued to allow Train Movements Intermittently
  • Overall System validation

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