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Jean-Robert Laarhoven

Telefon / Fax:
Telefon: +34 945891600


Amurrio Ferrocarril y Equipos S.A.
Maskuribai 10
01470 Amurrio Baskenland


Amurrio Ferrocarril y Equipos S.A.

Amurrio Ferrocarril y Equipos S.A.



Detour to the future

At Amurrio we design, produce, install and  maintain fixed railway equipment since 1880.

Today we are one of the international leaders in knowledge and innovation on track equipment for all types of applications. From High Speed to special applications for mining or cargo, through conventional rail, tram and metro.

Our vast knowledge regarding turnouts and crossings and all of its components and materials, makes it possible to assist our customers in finding the perfect solution for their projects.

Our product lines cover the following areas:
design, manufacture, installation and maintenance of complete turnouts in its different configurations, such as single or double crossovers, scissors crossover, etc. We also carry other track equipment such as re-railers or expansion joints.

Crossings: We specialize in designing and manufacturing the cornerstone of every track apparatus. Our own foundry has extensive experience in the moulding of manganese steel, the most suitable material for the manufacturing of monoblock crossings. We have over 600 different patterns in our warehouse ready to go into production. Depending on the application, we can also offer different kinds of technologies:
  • Crossings machined from a single block, suitable for industrial applications and low speed.
  • Swing nose crossings for high-speed and heavy haul.
  • Small swing nose crossings for metro
  • Rail bound crossings
  • Special solutions for double- and triple-gauge turnouts.
  • Engineering: Our technical office advise clients on different solutions in an early stage of the project.
  • On-site technical assistance. A multidisciplinary team of professionals travels wherever necessary in order to carry out on-the-spot assessments, supervise installation and propose solutions for any type of turnout problem.
  • Assembly and maintenance. Our trained professionals can install any type of turnout on the track. With home-made solutions for quick and precise installation. We also offer the possibility of maintaining the turnouts and crossings for longer periods of time for guaranteed track availability.

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