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Passion for Innovation Since 1955

Hyukshin Engineering (HSE) specializes in automated signal systems for railway & subway to insure safe and effective rail service. HSE performs across the value chain from technology development, design, and manufacture to installation and maintenance.

① One-stop shop providing a complete solution for railway signaling including development, design, manufacture, installation, maintenance, and training services.
② In-house expertise and development allows for "competitive pricing" as compared to major global railway signaling systems
③ High levels of system stability, compatibility and interoperability due to 20+ years of railway signal engineering experience in both the domestic & overseas commercial markets.

① Centralized Traffic Control (CTC)
• Function: CTC tells computer based interlockings to control switches/signals.
• Modular design allows for easy integration of control system with as-built or new EIS/CBI, ABS, AF track circuit devices
• Ergonomic design increases convenience for device operator
② Electronic Interlocking System (EIS), Computer Based Interlocking (CBI)
• Function: Receives computerized control signals from ATS or CTC and performs railroad path approval, signal indication setting, and railroad switch controlling
• Safe: Fault tolerance system by dual system designs, including fail-safe function
• Flexible & Expandable: In case an active system fails, a standby system immediately take over operation.
• Convenient: provides module hot swapping function to replace faulty cards
③ Automatic Block System (ABS)
• Function: Detects presence of train on railway in block section and automatically controls block signal
• Optical based: provides up to 20km communications with no noise as compared to existing voltage types which provides less than 10km
• Software based: applicable to both double and single line (program change) and easy to maintain (software upgrading)
• No need for a separate operation since signal and block have been unified
④ Automatic Train Protection (ATP)
• Function: controls train interval adjustment, train speed setting and management, automatic operation, and emergency stoppage for safe train operation
• Meets international ERTMS standard and is compatible with the interface of existing signal systems and ATP devices installed by other companies
⑤ Audio Frequency Track Circuit (AF Track Circuit)
• Function: Detects the existence of the train and the deterioration of track by using audio frequency
• Non-insulated AF track circuit device can be widely used regardless of AC and DC section
• Easy maintenance due to concentrated structure in signaling room
⑥ Axle Counter
• Function: Detects presence of train between 2 axle counters
• Fiber reinforced plastics (FRP) insulator doesn’t corrode easily and allows for use in rusty railway sections
• Possible to detect direction (in-out) by using dual sensor
• Supports various communication methods including PLC, Optical, and IP Based Network
• Provides long distance communications (max. 7 km) with minimum amount of energy (8 V / 30 mW)

• Received ROK Presidential medal (2001, Order of Industrial Service Merit)
• Domestic
- CTC: Installed at KORAIL (Korea Railroad Corporation) station in Yeongju city
- CBI: Installed in Seoul Station (33M visitors/year) as well as 200 other stations (about 40% of Korean railway)
- AF Track Circuit: Produced around 20,000 sets (about 80% of Korean railway)
- Axle Counter: Installed in Korea’s first commercial railway (JinhaeHengam line)
- ATP: Compatible interface construction with existing European system of Seoul Metro Line no. 9 (2017, Gaehwa Project)
• International
- Developed and installed CBI, AF track circuit and ABS for Almaty Metro of Kazakhstan
- Developed and installed CBI and axle counter for National Rail School of Indonesia