Hybrid AC Driving Shunting Locomotive     

Fahrzeug von CRRC Corporation Ltd.

  • InnoTrans 2018
  • Außenbereich 2/109

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  • InnoTrans 2018
  • Halle 2.2 310
  • Außenbereich 4/109
  • Außenbereich 2/109
  • Railway Technology Railway Technology

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The brand-new Hybrid AC Driving Shunting Locomotive, customized for the Deutsche Bahn (DB AG) by CRRC, features the diesel generator set and Lithium titanate battery hybrid power technology, conforms to the TSI standards and EBA requirements, and it will be used for pull passenger-free trains and shunting operation in the maintenance areas in the rail network Germany (including the Hamburg - S-Bahn Line).  

  • Shunting locomotive that Meets the Requirements of the TSI Certification and the EBA Certification:It passes the TSI certification and the Germany EBA certification, and it meets all requirements for operation on railways in Europe.
  • Innovative and Energy-efficient Hybrid Power System:The locomotive uses intelligent hybrid power control system to keep the diesel generator set operating in the optimal rotation rate, increasing the fuel efficiency and reducing waste gas emission. When the train stops, the batteries will power all units and the diesel generator will be turned off to lower the idling time of the diesel generator and fuel consumption.
  • Zero Waste Gas Emission in Environmentally-sensitive Areas:When the locomotive is operating in environmentally-sensitive areas, the batteries will be used to power the locomotive so that no waste gas is emitted.
  • Advanced Lithium Titanate Battery System:More advanced lithium titanate batteries are used, and 80% of the regenerative braking energy is recycled. The service life of those lithium titanate batteries is 10 times longer than that of nickel-cadmium batteries.
The two hybrid power shunting locomotives for DB Hamburg - S-Bahn Line in Germany bring brand-new environmental protection and energy-saving to the shunting locomotive market of Europe and they meet the needs of the shunting locomotive solution of customers, greatly relieving the pressure of locomotive shortage due to the aging of shunting locomotives.

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