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Granuflex is a group of companies operates in business of rubber recycling green industry from early 80’s. We operate from collecting waste tyres to producing highly processed finished products of it. We are highly devoted to environment protection and waste rubber recycling business with manufacturing high quality and value added state of art products. Our products are sold to throughout Europe, Near-East, South-East Asia, North-Africa and South and Middle America. Our core activity is to design and market and manufacture products from waste tyre. Traditionally we construct sport-fields and playgrounds, manufacture shock absorbing rubber tiles for playgrounds and we process waste rubber to rubber granulates. The streamline of our main product developments is to utilize our industrial experience of rubber recycling process to help rail and tram construction developments with high technology rubber recycled products and to exhaust the potentials of using waste materials to make our world green.

We have 30 years history and we were one of the first companies in Europe, which built numerous variant of polyurethane coverings from 1984. Besides sport-fields nowadays we offer more than 300 different playground equipment qualified in accordance with European standard EN 1176. Our shock absorbing rubber tiles products’ DIN Standard Certificate was issued by the Otto Graf Institute in Stuttgart, in 1990, which was the only standard in Europe for these products at that time. In product portfolio we already have 28 different safety coverings, - in accordance with the standard EN 1177 valid in all countries of EU and certified continuously controlled by German TÜV. Granuflex Kft is one of the oldest and biggest manufacturing player in this field in Europe. Our foremost manufacturing site is capable to produce more than 500 tonnes of rubber products monthly. In this GREEN Industry business we co-operate with the most important worldwide market leader tyre-manufacturers as such as Michelin, Continental, Pirelli, Bridgestone, Goodyear, Hankook, Vredestein. From our recycling manufacturing sites we are able to provide the highest quality raw material rubber granulates for our production of rubber tiles and other rubber products in 100%. In waste tyre recycling process the total capacity reaches 15000 tonnes per year consists of 10000 tonnes is rubber granulates and rubber and 5000 tonnes volume is textile and high quality steel. Besides the utilization rubber granulates in our production, we sell the rubber products for other manufacturers, buildings of sport-fields, playgrounds, constructing roads, production of bitumen or asphalt.

R&D Activity and Tram and Rail Rubber Products
Our high criteria business objective is to increase the scope of highly processed products including high level added value, instead of sales of simple granulate products. In result of our efforts and successful tender with an R&D project for funds of different non-reimbursable EU subsidies we have state of the art products for building and constructing industry in mainly transportation segment. Very promising new product is the high value industrial utilization of waste of textile also as noise protection wall panels made from milled waste rubber and textile. Our rubber and textile raw material products can be utilized in multiple purposes in reduction of noise and vibration, electrical isolation, waterproofing.All of our tram and train products have been proved according to 305/2011 EU Norm.