Gemac Engineering Machinery Co., Ltd.


No.1 ,Ximing Road
Xiangyang, Hubei Province

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Telefon: +86 710 3464676
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General Conditions

Gemac Engineering Machinery Co., Ltd founded in 1958, is located in Xiangyang city, about 340 kms Northwest of Wuhan, capital city of Hubei province, the Central China.
  • In 1960’s, the company was mainly engaged in repair of railway construction equipment and lifting gear.
  • In the ’70s, the company commenced the manufacture rail vehicles, rail lifting cars, shunting locomotives, etc.
  • In the ’80s, the company ventured into supply of railway construction, maintenance and test vehicles that were used in electrified track lines.
  • The ’90s, the company expanded into development of heavy-duty railway maintenance machinery.
  • At present, the company has more than 1400 employees, 15% of whom are in the management grade, 18% research and development engineers, 55% Skilled workers and 12% of other grades.
  • An annual output of over 230 million USD is realized in 2011.
  • The company has now been approved by Ministry of Railways as one of the two manufacturing bases for heavy-duty railway maintenance machinery with Intellectual Property Rights.

Manufacturing and Exploitation Experiences

Many years gone, the company has bound itself upon the tenet of exploitations of the new products and kept applying itself to meet the requirements of different customers and concentrated on the high technology and the wide market, innovation as its power to design new superior products. In the history of vehicle manufacturing, we have accumulated enormous, remarkable experiences.

The company has devoted itself to the new-times of railway construction and railway safety operations inland as the first 210hp heavy duty locomotive born and 290hp, 400hp, 600hp, 800hp and 1350hp as well as other various kinds of vehicles successfully followed one after another:
  • The first one to apply rod orientation of crankcase to locomotives to improve the qualities;
  • Heavy duty locomotives with frame body;
  • Heavy duty locomotives with hydraulic transmission and great power;
  • 25m inspection vehicles and catenary survey vehicles;
  • The first one to succeed in applying dependent control consoles, double-layer windows and multi-layer carpets to improve the working conditions in the cabs;
  • The first one to succeed in altiplano locomotive and inspection vehicle.
  • The first one to produce the substitutes of insulator cleaning vehicles group and catenary maintenance vehicles;
Outstanding Achievements

The products including diesel multiple units, locomotives, rail cranes as well as overhead line maintenance vehicles, which have occupied the key places in the market, have been widely servicing in railway working, power supply, vehicles as well as engineering departments. The engineering vehicles remarkable 70% of market share achieved leads to successful bidding in WuHan-Guangzhou Electrified Railway Construction of Loan from the World Bank, ZhengZhou-WuHan Electrified Tender Project, XiKang Electrified Railway of Loan from Japan and ShuoHuang Railway construction, NanKun Electrified Railway Tender Project as well as Zhegan(Zhejiang Province—Jiangxi Province) Electrified Railway Project. The products have been exported to different countries and areas worldwide including America, New Zealand, Malaysia, Vietnam, Cuba, Sri Lanka, Angola, Indonesia, Algeria, Brazil, Kazakhstan, Hongkong and Taiwan area, etc.