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Centuray Technology, Making life better

CENTURAY technology is the leading enterprise in rail transit, power transmission, equipment fabrication, communications and the industry.

CENTURAY has established two industrial manufacturing bases in the Yangtze river delta and Beijing-Tianjin-Hebei region, seven R&D centers and cooperation institutions in Shanghai, Wuhan, Chengdu, Germany and Israel. With the innovation and R&D ability, CENTURAY is rapidly becoming the industry rising star in China and the world. CENTURAY proposed three drivers of “R&D innovation, M&A integration and Globalization” for sustainable development.

CENTURAY is formerly nkt cables Ltd., Changzhou, which is the wholly-owned subsidiary of nkt cables group, Germany. CENTURAY is dedicated to the production and sales of alloy material, power cables and cable accessories used in rail transit and power grid system, and presentation of comprehensive solution to customers. nkt cables China is established in the year of 1995, in October of 2016, the entire business in China was officially acquired and the new corporation was formed with the name, CENTURAY technology co., Ltd.

In the industry of rail transportation, with the most advanced German technology and production experience, the CENTURAY subsidiary nkt Changzhou participated in all high-speed railway and urban rail transit construction projects by supplying products for OCS system, since China entered into the new age and CENTURAY has once occupied 80% market share of OCS wires for rail transportation in China.

CENTURAY technology is further exploring in the whole industry chain of rail transportation market and developed more creative products, including modularized appliance, super capacitor storage system (CESS), smart cable and pioneered hand-push catenary detecting device, Dr. S in China. Dr. S is in accordance with the international leading technology and standards, and fully meets the characteristics and needs of the Chinese market. It conducts non-contact continuous detection of network geometric parameters, wear, etc., which greatly improves the efficiency and accuracy of detection, and effectively fills the domestic market gap. It was highly appraised by the China Railway Corporation and the Shanghai Metro, and recognized by foreign customers. Dr. S became an innovative forward in the field of rail transit.

In the power industry, in order to adapt to the trend of smart power development, especially in the new changes in power quality and environmental protection and energy conservation, CENTURAY technology has formed five business units, Material BU, Power Cable BU, Cable Accessories BU, Electric BU and Detection BU. More innovative products and new technology of MMC、SVG、APF、SPC、LVR、 low - high voltage power quality management device、power quality monitoring & analyzing equipment、 hydrogen fuel cells and medium & high voltage cable accessories are researched and presented to customers. For off-grid, CENTURAY provides hydrogen fuel cells and energy storage technologies and peaking and frequency modulation technologies as well. CENTURAY technology is dedicated to renewable, clean and efficient energy in the power industry.

“Quick Response + Pain Striking” is the fast developing culture and gene of CENTURAY. We continuously communicate with our customers to understand the needs of our customers, exceed their expectation, and trigger potential customer needs.

“This is the best era, this is the worst era“. CENTURAY technology will continue to hold on to the beginning, stay true to the odds, adhere to main business, insist on the business philosophy of “Customer First” and sustainable developing thinking of “Capital + Innovation”. CENTURAY will continuously increase the investment in research, leading safe, smart and comfortable technological revolution with subversive technology and providing sustained comprehensive solutions to customers. CENTURAY technology, making life better!