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The Ballast Feeder Systems are classed as On Track Machines (OTM), compliant to UK standards and have route acceptance RA4 (W6a). They are self-propelled and can work independently, or coupled together as multi silo wagons to supply larger volumes of reballasting or backfilling material. Each unit can carry up to 45 tonnes of materials and the integrated loading control system helps avoid the Ballast Feeder Systems being overloaded at the LDC’s.

The front belt conveyor, used for material distribution, can swing 180 degrees from side to side to drop the material exactly where it is needed, in the correct volume and with a high level of precision. At the same time the BFS’s transmission system guarantees safe and precise vehicle movement inside possessions.

The BFS’s transmission system is well proven and has demonstrated itself as safe and very reliable.
The Ballast Feeder System is designed to operate together with Railcare’s Railvac OTM air/vacuum excavators and the complete Railcare removal/backfilling set up offers a unique industrial approach to the time-consuming removal, reballasting or backfilling process. Always non-intrusive and with all components in situ!

Some of the key features of the Railvac OTM & Ballast Feeder System OTM:
  • Synchronised capacities – Maximum use of the possession
  • Both systems can work under live OLE without isolations – Increased production
  • The correct volume in the right spot reduces need for track workers – Increased safety
Railcare’s Ballast Feeder Systems are dead hauled to and from site, together with the Railvac OTM’s and once disconnected it transforms into a self-propelled OTM in a few minutes.


Railcare Machine AB

Railcare Machine AB



We want to find new solutions to old methods. We think differently

Railcare Group AB is focusing on railway maintenance and railway services in Scandinavia and in the UK.

The core business is based on vacuum excavation technology with a number of developed methods and machines (Railvac OTM) for effective and profitable railway maintenance. In Scandinavia Railcare Group also offers railway transportation services (goods) and rental of locomotives, wagons, drivers as well as ECM wagon workshop services.

Railcare Group AB is listed on the Nasdaq stock exchange in Stockholm, Sweden.

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