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Axion designs, manufactures and supplies advanced information and entertainment systems for the Mass Transit Industry.

Axion is ISO 9001 and CMM Level 2 certified, and boasts a solid reputation for its products and service.
  • The cutting-edge of technology and innovation
  • Outstanding solutions to meet your requirements
  • Versatile and flexible with very fast turnaround
  • Reliable, JIT delivery
Research & development

We manufacture the best product available. However if we are not completely satisfied with it, we invent an even better one.
It is precisely this attitude that has propelled Axion into its leadership position in the design and manufacturing of customized audio and visual information systems for public transit users.

Research and development have always been a priority at Axion. In fact, since its establishment, the company has invested on an annual basis, a quarter of its annual revenues in R&D. Our highly qualified team of engineers and technicians possess the experience and work methods to be counted among the best in the business. As an example, all of our computer software, hardware design and development are performed entirely in-house.

Understanding the client's needs

At Axion, we always look beyond the initial request to fully understanding the customer's needs. Sometimes the product requested is not the best solution. Rather than selling something that is less than adequate, Axion will suggest a different approach altogether or, if requested, create the ideal system.

Axion is able to analyze and evaluate the client's needs, thus creating more effective solutions because our team has:
  • A firm grasp of the theory underpinning its cutting-edge technology
  • Practical experience on projects of all sizes
  • A proactive, pro-customer approach
Axion counts among its customers some of the world's largest manufacturers:
  • AAI Corp.
  • ABC Bus (VanHool)
  • Siemens
  • Alstom
  • Bombardier
  • Motor Coach Industries
  • Orion Bus Industries
  • Hyundai Rotem
  • Prevost Car (Volvo)
  • Hitachi
Audio Communication

Our systems feature cutting-edge digital or analog technology to ensure clear and audible message transmission. With their modular design, they are compatible with existing equipment and allow for extensions or improvements to be added easily at a later date. In addition, they simplify the rail network's common interface, reduce the number of required transmission lines, detect problems, and are easy to maintain.

Our audio systems offer the following range of features:

• Passenger messages
• Emergency announcements
• Radio broadcasting
• Next stop digitized announcements
• Positioning on route
• Control units
• Passenger alarm units

Subsystems such as passenger information displays, CCTV, seat reservation systems and infotainment may be integrated with our audio system.


Axion manufactures its own electronic sign systems to ensure a perfect match with the audio architecture.

Our sign components serve different purposes:
  • Destination signs inform people outside the vehicle of its itinerary
  • Exterior side displays inform passengers of coach number and itinerary
  • Interior signs are closely linked to the audio communication system and indicate station names, service messages, and other information
  • Operator control panels allow attendants to view messages and select the appropriate ones
  • Signs show when washrooms are in use

Our systems can be expanded with infotainment features controlled by the audio system controller. Advertising, entertainment and traffic information is shown on LCD monitors in the passenger saloons or vestibules.

As member of the Luminator Technology Group, Axion and its sister companies Gorba, LAWO, Mobitec, FOCON, VSN and BMG MIS form a powerful team in the field of railway technology.

Come and visit us in Hall 2.1/Booth 303 and see for yourself what the group of companies can offer you in terms of competencies and performance.