Albayrak Makine Ins San. Tic. Ltd. Sti


Organize Sanayi Bölgesi 27 Cadde No. 10
26110 Eskisehir

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Telefon: +90 2222362101
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Our company is located in Eskisehir city of Turkiye. We are giving service in Eskisehir Organized Industrial Site, on 27th street. We have 3.000 square meter closed, 11.000 square meter opened area. And for now we have 39 employees.

ALBAYRAK Makine established on 1984. And started to manufacture several parts by machining via lathe.
In time, product group expanded and machine design and manufacture processes started. Conveyors, carry trolleys, eva press are some examples of our products.

In our design process our staff use CAM (computer aided design) and FEA (finite element analysis) softwares, for better and safer products. In addition to these softwares, we use RAMS (reliability-availability-maintainability-safety) calculation and ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) softwares.

On 2006, beside machining parts and designing machines, we focused on urban railway systems. We started to design and manufacture passenger and turnkey canopies for tram stations. During this period, tram operator company in Eskisehir city told us that they need sliding doors for stations to restrain the passengers against passing on track. We designed and manufacured our first half height screen doors for 2 stations this year and put into use. With operator company, we observed our screen doors for 2 years. And with this observation we corrected faults or troubles of our first design.
For now, in Eskisehir city our 580 screen doors are working on tram system stations.

After Eskisehir tram system experience, we started to work for the design of full length Platform Screen Doors for metro lines in Istanbul city.
We started to design our ALPSD-1000 Platform Screen Door System concurrently with SIL-3 (Safety Integrated Level) certification studies. We arranged meetings with urban railway authorities in Istanbul and learned their requirements for Platform Screen Doors especially on GoA-4 (Grade of Automation-4) metro lines.
And with these studies, we manufactured our prototype ALPSD-1000 door. Aging test, wind test, air permeability test, impact resistance test, electromagnetic compatibility and some more similar tests, compatible with related EN Standarts in accredited laboratories.

We currently manufacture and assemble our full length Platform Screen Door System, ALPSD-1000, on Kabatas-Mahmutbey GoA-4 metro line, with 19 stations.

Beside this, our company started to study for IRIS (International Railway Industry Standard) certification and EN 15085 (Welding of Raiway Vehicles and Components) certification processes.

We will be glad to work with railway operator and constructor companies over the world for Platform Screen Door Systems or several welded parts of rolling stocks.