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Organize Sanayi Bölgesi 27 Cadde No. 10
26110 Eskisehir

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Telefon: +90 2222362101
Fax: +90 2222362102
InnoTrans 2021 InnoTrans 2018
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As ALBAYRAK Makina Company, we have been focused on Platform Screen Doors since 2006, under the brand name of ALDOOR. We started to design and manufacture half height Platform Screen Doors first for Eskisehir tram system. And our 580 half height doors are currently working on Eskisehir Tram System.

After half height experience we started to design more complicated full height systems. And for full height applications we designed and manufactured ALPSD-1000. ALPSD-1000 works integrated with signal system of track and communicates with SCADA systems.

For ALPSD-1000 Platform Screen Door System, we received SIL-3 (Safety Integrated Level-3) assesment and certificate, meeting the requirements of EN 50126 and EN 50129.

We manufactured and commissioned ALPSD-1000 with SIL-3 safety level first in Vadistanbul Funicular System. In this system Platform Screen Doors work correspondent with signal system. Doors are opening or closing compatible with commands of signal system. For Vadistanbul Funicular system, we also designed and commissioned our Station Management System and Local Control Panel for Platform Screen Door System.
Now we manufacture and assemble ALPSD-1000, on Kabatas-Mahmutbey metro line with 19 stations. In this project we construct 6.840 meters Platform Screen Door System with 1.216 sliding doors, 1.368 emergency exit doors, 76 local control panels, 19 station management system and fixed glazing panels.

With ALPSD-1000 system;
Operator(s) can see status of doors, check all the troubles and operating details from Station Management System of Platform Screen Doors.

For possible signal troubles, operators can use Local Control Panel. From this touch screen panel, doors can be opened-closed, isolated from signal system.

In ALPSD-1000 Platform Screen Door System, each door can be isolated from system individually, especially for maintenance activities. And each door can opened, closed, isolated, by-passed form door control panel individually.

By pass characteristic is especially requested by operator companies for GoA-4 metro lines. In case of any problem between Platform Screen Door System and signal system, Go4 trains do not reach the station for safety. And this issue is can be a big trouble for operation of trains if takes long time. So, if any door or signal system has a connection problem or doesn't work healthy, related door can be taken to by-pass mode. And in by-pass mode, signal system accepts that door is healthy and sends trains to station.

As ALBAYRAK Machining we continue to design and manufature Platform Screen Doors with %99.4 availability, strong construction, easy maintenance and SIL-3 safety level under the brand of ALDOOR.

And our company will be glad to work with operators and constructors over the world for Platform Screen Doors.

ALDOOR, Gates Opening To The Rails...