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Accompanying you in public transport with Automated Voice Announcements

Acapela Tranport is dedicated to Public Transport with features and tools specially designed for public transportation companies.

We accompany you in Public Transport with Voice Announcements using text-to-speech. Our solutions are currently being used by Public Transportation companies all over the world.
We have provided custom TTS voices and services to railway companies and public transport operators such as SNCF (France), Trafikverket (Sweden) SNCB (Belgium), Wiener Linien (Austria), Jernbaneverket (Norway), ONCF (Morocco) and NS Group (Netherlands). Acapela is the provider of large public transport suppliers such as Bombardier, Alstom Transport, Siemens, Ineo Systrans and Luminator Group.

Am I in the right bus? Going in the right direction? Will I be on time? Will I catch my train?

Providing Multimodal Real-Time Passenger Information is key to ensuring a sense of reliability.
Passengers can make decisions quickly and are reassured in their decision-making. Providing this information in a pleasant and intelligible voice goes a long way to making passengers feel more comfortable and willing to use public transport again.

It’s next to impossible to put a real person at every station and in every bus to provide up to date passenger information in real time and the bus driver is busy driving the vehicle. And even if you could, would the service provided be consistent?

Pre-recorded voices work for everything you can think of up front. What about unexpected events? And what about the cost and scalability?

Standard text-to-speech is flexible and does the job but standard TTS voices don’t always speak with the same regional accents as your passengers. They don’t always know how to pronounce bus stop names correctly. The quality is not always consistent. And the phonetic tools provided with the TTS were not designed specifically for Transport. What if you could get the flexibility of TTS, the quality and consistency of pre-recorded voices and the local knowledge and regional accent of a real person?  That’s what we’re working on with Acapela TTS for Transport. Let’s talk!

Acapela Transport is a business unit of Acapela Group, the leading voice expert with 30 years of experience behind it. Acapela Group invents Text to Speech (TTS) solutions to give your content a voice in over 30 languages. We create authentic TTS voices that express meaning and intent. Over 100 voices are ready to speak, producing a natural and pleasant audio result, by turning written input into speech.

Acapela Group is a European Speech Technology company with offices in Belgium, France and Sweden and we accompany our customers in their Public Transport projects with real-time automated voice announcements.