350km/h High-speed trains

Produkt von CRRC Corporation Ltd.

  • InnoTrans 2018
  • Halle 2.2 310
  • Außenbereich 4/109
  • Außenbereich 2/109

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  • InnoTrans 2018
  • Halle 2.2 310
  • Außenbereich 4/109
  • Außenbereich 2/109
  • Railway Technology Railway Technology

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We have built the 350Km/h high speed train technology platform and established the high speed train product system that boasts complete models and state-of-the-art technologies. We have researched and developed the 350Km/h high speed train that boasts world-class performances in operation speed, comprehensive comfort, reliability, safety, energy-saving, environmental protection and intelligence.

Safety: the train excels in operation safety indicators such as critical speed, derailment coefficient, wheel load reduction rate; it conforms to the collision resistant design of EN15227 under all operating conditions; it has approach pre-warning function, earthquake pre-warning function and derailment safety protection function and others; it has all-trip classified and hierarchical monitoring for the operation status of high speed train.
Intelligence: the EMU Failure Prediction and Health Management Technology (PHM) carries out health management and all-round multi-dimensional failure diagnosis for all key subsystems of train. More than 2500 monitoring items are arranged for the 8-car formation EMU. Portable test tools are used to perform local online monitoring and failure handling, and 4G mobile communication technologies are used in remote real-time monitoring and remote maintenance support.
User-friendliness: the EMU operates stably, and the comfort index is the top grade; the noise inside the passenger compartment is lower or equal to 68dB (A); pressure fluctuation inside the EMU will be further reduced; more complete passenger interface and driver-passenger interface such as uninterrupted power supply function, Wifi and ticketing will be configured.
Economic Efficiency: by using the aerodynamic anti-drag design, light weight design and energy management, the one hundred kilometer power consumption per capita for the 350Km/h high speed train is 3.8kwh; the interconnection design is used to improve the utilization rate of EMU; environment-friendly materials are used to realize zero emission.

Typical Products:
  • 8-Car Formation of 350Km/h High Speed Train
  • 16/17 Car Formation of 350Km/h High Speed Train

Ambient temperature: -25℃~+40℃
Power mode: Electrical traction
Traction power: 9750kW
Regenerative power: 13360kW
Max. axleload: 17t
Axle arrangement: B0-B0 (motor car), 2-2 (trailer car)
Speed: 350km/h continuous operation speed,over 400km/h test speed
Composition length: 209m
Wheel diameter: 0.92m